Tracking Wellness. Sharing Results.


The PetThera Pet Wellness App helps you record vital health and recovery data to share with your pet’s veterinarian and caregivers.

Set up your pets personal profile, treatment times and appointment reminders then begin tracking therapy details, activity levels, pain levels, mood, and more. The Pet Wellness App provides critical insight into your pets recovery, helping you to proactively manage their health and vitality.

Record useful information about your pets

  • Build your pets medical record by including vaccinations, treatments, diagnostics, veterinary visits

  • PetThera treatment details shared with the mobile app and added to your pets medical record

  • Note pain level

  • Add medications details

  • Include contact details for your veterinarian and care givers

  • Set appointment reminders

  • Set medication and therapy reminders

  • Track basic vitals

  • Note behavioral and mood details

  • Add exercise and activity level details

  • And more…

Data is transferred from the PetThera Glove by wireless short-range communications technology to your smart device.

01_Screen_MockUp_Mobile App.png