Healing Technology For Your Pet

PetThera’s wearable technology is 100% drug free and an all-natural solution to reducing pain, decreasing inflammation, healing wounds and so much more.


Meet PetThera

PetThera is the first wearable low level light therapy device that harnesses the power of medical-grade LEDs in the blue, red, and infrared spectrum to safely deliver therapeutic doses of light and gentle heat to reduce pain, decrease inflammation, promote healing and so much more.

Where the Power of Light Therapy Meets Wearable Technology

PetThera technology activates and fuels your pet’s cells to help them heal quickly. Photoreceptors in the cells absorb light energy, which enhances the healing process by giving the cells boosted energy.


Get To Know PetThera

PetThera uses Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) and gentle heat to accelerate and improve your pet’s health and wellness – enhancing their quality of life and revitalizing their natural well being.

The PetThera Difference

Designed with pets in mind PetThera is a cost effective, easy-to-use, and convenient solution that empowers you to provide quality care to your pets at home where they are most comfortable.

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