How PetThera Works

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Proven Technology

PetThera is a wearable Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) device that harnesses the power of medical-grade low-level Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) in the blue, red, and infrared spectrum to safely deliver therapeutic doses of multi-wavelengths of light and gentle heat to promote healing and pain relief. PetThera features both steady and pulsating wavelengths of 470 – 940 Nanometers (nm) and has multiple preset modes that engage various spectrums of light. Veterinarians, physicians, specialists, naturopaths, physical therapists, and other medical, health and wellness professionals have used LLLT, also known as photobiomodulation or photobiostimulation for decades. It is an established, clinically proven treatment for a variety of conditions.


Infrared light 940 Nanometers (nm) Infrared LED’s are invisible to the human eye

  • Infrared lights emit deep wavelengths of light energy that efficaciously increases circulation. Providing quick relief of discomfort, improved sensation, and regeneration of damaged tissue.

Red light 650 Nanometers (nm)

  • Red light is absorbed through the skin stimulating the growth of cells boosting the healing of wounds, skin conditions, reducing inflammation, pain and more.

Blue Light 470 Nanometers (nm)

  • Blue light is absorbed on, or just underneath, the surface of the skin and treats skin related and kills bad bacteria

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How it works


Using LEDs, LLLT penetrates your pet’s skin, blood, muscle and bone using specific wavelengths of photons. Photoreceptors in your animal’s cells absorb this light energy, which enhances the healing process by giving the cells a boost of energy.

Various wavelengths reach different layers of tissue. Red light, is more efficiently absorbed by tissue rich in hemoglobin, and is

beneficial for healing surface wounds and stimulating acupressure points. Near-infrared light is able to pass through to deeper tissues such as tendons, ligaments, bones, joints and muscle. Blue light therapy can only treat areas that the light can reach. So it’s typically used to treat conditions present on, or just underneath, the surface of the skin.

 PetThera is Safe & Natural

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Veterinary Advancements

As veterinary medicine has advanced, so has our understanding of how to naturally heal our pets, and improve their quality of life. The veterinary community has embraced light therapy because it has gained a reputation as a safe, gentle and effective method of healing.

Boosts Quality of Life

PetThera is a viable therapy alternative to invasive treatments and pain management, it boosts quality of life and revitalizes natural well being.

What Does the FDA Say?

The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have cleared LED Light Therapy technology for use on humans, however PetThera is not intended for human use.

Innovative Design

Designed with pets in mind, PetThera is a cost-effective, easy-to-use, and convenient solution that empowers pet owners to provide quality care to their pet at home where the pet is most comfortable.

PetThera can be applied in two ways.

  1. It can be worn by the pet owner or caregiver on either hand to administer treatment to their pet

  2. By way of fasteners that connect the device to specific treatment areas on their pet

PetThera is flexible and naturally forms to the pet’s body.

It is designed for comfort and provides ideal coverage for many treatment areas. PetThera is designed for comfort and provides excellent coverage most treatment areas. PetThera is rechargeable and portable making it easy to use at home or from anywhere.

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