Treat skin conditions and hair loss

How to Improve Your Pet's Skin and Coat with Light Therapy

While laser treatment for dogs and cats is often associated with pain relief, it can also be good for your pet's skin and coat. From flaky skin and fungal issues to hair loss and lackluster fur, light therapy is a viable and beneficial treatment.

Red light is known to stimulate circulation and improve blood flow which helps to heal damaged cells. The skin responds to the light by building and strengthening its cellular structure. In turn, the increased blood flow encourages the growth of healthy skin and hair follicles.

Red Light Therapy for Dogs and Cats with Skin Conditions

Red light treatment can be beneficial in the case of chronic inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis. The red light helps to reduce inflammation and can be used alongside regular treatments to speed up healing when the condition flares up. In the case of fungal skin infections, there is a belief that blue light therapy can help to kill the fungus or at the very least control it.

Laser Therapy for Cats and Dogs with Hair Loss

For owners seeking a safe, natural alternative treatment for their pet's thinning coat, feline and canine light therapy could be the answer. But how does it work? As the red light stimulates blood flow and generates oxygen, it helps the cells to heal and new hair is encouraged to grow. Laser light therapy is a more practical pet hair loss treatment than lotions or creams; it's much easier to administer and the animal can't ingest it.

If you feel light therapy would benefit your pet but are worried about the cost or the practicality of scheduling appointments, a home-use LLLT device may be more suitable. PetThera is an easy-to-use light therapy machine and a sound investment for owners of pets with chronic health conditions.


Kristine Marzolf