Pain Management and Healing from Musculoskeletal Trauma

Why Light Therapy is the Best Alternative Pet Pain Remedy

As pet owners increasingly search for natural treatments for their pets, low level light therapy (LLLT) is proving to be both popular and effective. It can be a beneficial pain management therapy and can also aid the healing of musculoskeletal trauma. But how does laser light therapy work and why is it the best alternative pain remedy?

What is Pet Light Therapy?

During treatment, LEDs or Laser Diodes penetrate your pet's skin to reach the muscles, bones, and blood. The cell's photoreceptors absorb the light's energy which helps them heal and recover from damage. Laser therapy benefits both cats and dogs with arthritis, injuries, and other chronic conditions.

Pet Laser Therapy and Pain Management

Light treatment for pets is a safe and gentle way to control pain without the use of drugs (or alongside a drug-based treatment). As the light targets the cells, it speeds up the healing process rather than just masking or dulling the pain. This reduces the sensation of pain and addresses the cause more effectively than conventional treatments.

Light Therapy for Pets with Musculoskeletal Trauma

Whether as a result of genetics or an injury sustained, the effects of musculoskeletal trauma significantly reduce the quality of your pet's life. Veterinary laser therapy helps increase the cells' potential to heal, thus treating the source of the trauma and giving your pet their bounce back without surgery.


The Benefits of Laser Therapy for Dogs, Cats, and Owners: No unnatural drugs that can cause side effects and be difficult to administer Can reduce the need for surgery and help avoid the associated risks It's a non-invasive, non-stressful, less time-consuming treatment than a vet visit The treatment can be performed in your own home with an LLLT device like PetThera It's ideal for owners seeking an easy-to-use, effective alternative pet pain remedy

Kristine Marzolf