Dog Joint Pain and Disorders: Hip Dysplasia, Cruciate Ligament, and Arthritis:

Why Light Therapy is Important for Beating Dog Joint Pain

As you watch your beloved companion grow from puppy to senior, you may notice a steady decline in his mobility. Some breeds are particularly susceptible to joint disorders, osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia; some can be prone to cruciate ligament tears. This is where canine light therapy can be beneficial. Here are just some of the reasons why light therapy is important for beating dog joint pain.

There's No Surgery Involved

While surgery should not be dismissed as a viable treatment option, it is not without risk. The recovery period can also be lengthy and be marred by setbacks, delaying your pet's healing and reducing his quality of life. Light therapy for dogs actually speeds up the healing process. It's also drug-free and completely natural with no known side effects.

It Helps Manage the Pain of Hip Dysplasia

This painful skeletal disease can severely reduce your pet's mobility and impact on his wellbeing. But using laser light therapy for pain - either as a standalone treatment or alongside drugs and/or surgery - can help manage the symptoms and keep your pet comfortable.

It Helps Heal a Torn Cruciate Ligament

If your dog has suffered a cruciate ligament injury, you may feel that surgery is the only treatment option. It's always important to consult your vet, but your dog may benefit from pet light therapy. Surgery-free and non-invasive, it doesn't require sedation which makes it risk-free. Purchasing the PetThera LLLT device means you'll have a convenient dog torn ACL home treatment to use when required.

It Helps Ease Osteoarthritis Symptoms

Both you and your dog will notice the benefits of laser treatment for pain and inflammation. As the light stimulates endorphins to be released to alleviate pain, blood vessels are opened up and the lymphatic drainage system is stimulated to reduce swelling. The effects are fast-acting but as the condition is chronic, it does require multiple treatments. In this instance, a home-use device like PetThera is an effective dog arthritis treatment that can save you time and money.

Kristine Marzolf